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Join our Facebook group Laser Engraving for Creators by Creators We post coupons weekly for our Etsy shop. See you there.xTool D1 Pro Thunder Boss CNC GlowForge Laser Printer 100% Compatible
Wall Shelf Xtool File, GlowForge, Simple Wall Shelf

Digital File!!!

We cut this out using 6mm wood and cool. This will work with any wood thickness. Just adjust the settings and it’s ready to cut for 3mm to 6mm. Need help just email us. We are here to help

This shelf will hold up to ten pounds with no issue. Great place to set all the Christmas decorations.

We Guarantee this will be the simplest file you can find on Etsy. This only requires 4 separate pieces. Now That’s Fast and Easy
Laser Plasma Cutter Cricut Glowforge Boss Thunder

All in a piece


Metal Plywood Paper Vinyl Tshirt Sticker

We use the xTool D1 Pro 20 Watt If you want the settings we used send us an email


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98 in stock

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